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The Surface Laptop 3 (as the name implies) is more of a traditional clamshell experience, while the Surface Book 2 is a versatile 2-in-1, allowing you to use it as a tablet or laptop. Surface Laptop 3 vs. Surface Book 2 tech specs
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Surface Book 2 vs. Surface Book 3
If you are in the market looking for a laptop and don’t know what’s the difference between the 13.5″ Surface Book 2 (2017) and the 13.5″ Surface Book 3 (2020), we have a detailed tech specs comparison between both devices for you to check out here.
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 · I actually have the 13″ surface book 2 and was thinking about getting the surface laptop 3 so checked out the 15″ laptop 3 at Best buy and my first impressions were The keyboard keys are shallower on the surface laptop 3. The book 2 has far superior feeling keys.
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What is the difference between Microsoft Surface Book 2 15″ Intel Core i7-8650U / 16GB / 1TB and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15″ AMD Ryzen 7 3780U / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the laptop ranking.
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Microsoft Surface Book 3 Perhaps the best Windows 10 laptop ever made. And tablet! This mobile workstation offers very high performance, both in terms of processor and graphics card as …
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Surface Laptop Intel Core i5-7200U (2.5-3.1Ghz) – 8 min 26s Surface Book 2 Intel Core i5-7300U (2.6 to 3.5 GHz) – 8min 57s Surface Book 2 Intel Core i7-8650U (1.9 to 4.2 GHz) – 3 min 49s If you feel like you’re squeezed for time every day, perhaps the quad
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Along with the Surface Pro we now have the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro X, Surface Studio, Surface Hub and the forthcoming Surface Duo and Surface Neo. But the focus of this article are the two latest models which define the top and bottom of the range – the flagship Surface Book 3 and the entry-level Surface Go 2.
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Microsoft last held a hardware event in October 2019, which revealed the Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, and dual-screen Surface Neo and Duo. The Surface Book 3 …
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Review of the Surface Book 3 for Developers
The new Surface Book 3 is the exact size (23mm thick as a laptop) and weight (3.38 and 4.2 lbs.) as the SB2. I have had to add a small sticker to one otherwise I’d get them confused. The display resolutions are 3000×2000 for the 13.5-inch model and 3240×2160 for the 15-inch one that I have.
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Ultimate Tips for Mastering Microsoft Surface Book 3
 · Meet the new 2020 Microsoft Surface Book 3, the most powerful laptop, tablet, and portable studio features the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core processors and NVIDIA® graphics delivers up to 50% more performance than Surface Book 2.
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Surface Pro 7 vs. Surface Book 3
The Surface Pro 7 and Surface Book 3 are both excellent 2-in-1s with very different designs. It comes down to one question: Do you want a tablet or a laptop? If you’re in the market for a 2-in-1

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 · Because the Surface Book’s signature Dynamic Fulcrum hinge doesn’t fold flat, the Book can feel somewhat thick and clunky, especially compared to the Surface Laptop…
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Microsoft has announced the new Surface Book 2, the successor to the original Surface Book and the Surface Book with performance base. Naturally, as prices fall and Moore’s law takes effect, you may be wondering what you get out of buying the new Surface Book instead of scrimping and saving on the older Surface Book or even Microsoft’s slinky new Surface Laptop.
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XPS 15 vs Surface Book 3: Specs compared Dell XPS 15 Microsoft Surface Book 3 Price $2,399 $2,799 Display 15.6-inch, 3840 x 2400 -pixel 15-inch, 3240 x 2160-pixel CPU Intel Core i7-10750H CPU
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Surface Laptop 3 Glossy vs Matte Screens Anti-Glare
Surface Laptop 3 Glossy vs Matte Screens Anti-Glare Summary Stay away from the Surface Laptop 3 if you like the outdoors and being productive on your laptop. The Surface Laptop 3 Glossy is not available in matte. I ended up purchasing the Dell XPS 15 .
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Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15-inch) review
For that reason, the Surface Book 3 ($2,299 starting, reviewed at $2,799) is a compelling device, even though not much has changed in the 2.5 years since the release of the Surface Book 2.
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Tanto Surface Pro 7 como Surface Book 2 son equipos 2-en-1 increíblemente portátiles, especialmente cuando están en modo tableta. La Surface Book 2 es el dispositivo más grande y pesado, con las configuraciones Core i5 que miden 0.90 pulgadas de grosor y pesan 3.38 libras con el teclado conectado; la parte de la tableta solo mide 0.51 pulgadas.