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Frostpunk Review
Frostpunk is a rare blend of social simulation, city management, and survival game that just about does everything right. There are times I wish it was a bit easier to come back from a misstep, but that’s the point of the game – you need to make choices, live with the consequences, and try again if you fail.
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Frostpunk Review
Frostpunk Review From developer 11 bit studios, Frostpunk is a complex strategy survival experience that forces the player to make grave, moral decisions that will weigh heavily upon the immersive
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Frostpunk for PC review: Build a post-apocalyptic city and save humanity Frostpunk is a bleak and emotional experience that is as engaging as it is impactful. Brendan Lowry
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Frostpunk Review
Thanks to the wonderful visuals, animation, and music, Frostpunk doesn’t have to leave much to the imagination. From the way snow deforms as citizens make the trek from their tents to a work-site, or the way that a Steam Hub creates a small circle of dirt as it melts the snow away, little details can be found almost anywhere you look.

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Even if you’re prepared for a much, much longer ride, Frostpunk is a compelling tale of grit, failure and survival that must be experienced. This game was reviewed on PC. THE GOOD
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Frostpunk Review
Frostpunk Review – The impact Frostpunk can have on the player is truly remarkable. Frostpunk is a relentlessly demanding experience that requires much of the player. Following from its critically acclaimed This War of Mine, Polish developer 11 Bit Studios returns.
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Frostpunk Review
 · Although there is some room for improvement with the interface, Frostpunk is a challenging title that doesn’t hold your hand, and the end result is an amazing piece of work. With a high difficulty curve, don’t expect to ace it your first time, but instead consider each playthrough an experiment.
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Frostpunk Game Review
Frostpunk is a very fun and well made city building game- but it’s not for younger kids. This game is very good! It is very fun and interesting, and will make you sweat as you try and keep your city of …
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I’m going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, but obviously I’m going to be talking about the game, so read at your own discretion. After a thread about games we bought because of reviews on this sub, u/redditgamer01 mentioned they were looking forward to another review of Frostpunk…
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Review. It’s rather rare that a city building game would have a strong narrative. But 11 Bit Studios has managed to weave an intriguing story on top of its unforgiving city builder, Frostpunk. Each DLC expansion has shed more light into the post-apocalyptic steampunk world hit by the great storm.
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Frostpunk Review
Frostpunk Review From the creators of ‘This War of Mine’ comes the studio’s new game – Frostpunk. It is a steam-punk inspired city survival simulator that has the player build and manage a city in a post-apocalyptic cold wasteland.
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Frostpunk is a tough, expansive and emotionally intelligent city builder the likes of which Sony’s home console has never seen before where the only thing more chilling than the deathly cold is
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Frostpunk Review
So long as you can deal with the stress and difficult decision-making, Frostpunk is an addictive and gorgeous-looking city-building survival game that is well worth your time. Versions tested: PC

Frostpunk PS4 Review
 · Frostpunk is a game that is laser focused on the micro elements. So it was refreshing to see it acknowledge the greater world around it, both lore wise and gameplay wise.
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Frostpunk is a city-builder, but also very much a crafted scenario with fixed points along the way. Each game will have the man who refuses an amputation. Each game will feature the troublesome rebels who want to pack up and go back to London.
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Frostpunk Game Review: Winter Is Coming
Frostpunk is a flawless city building simulator that should test even the best of veterans. It’s brutally unforgiving, but this is perhaps the most fun I’ve had with a game from this genre in a while.
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 · Frostpunk Review By Eric Watson May 11, 2018 June 21st, 2018 No Comments Available On: PC Things were going well, or least as well as can be …