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包括自動協商,對一般人來說壓力不大的情況下其實碰見的概率并不高。這次想分享的話題是比較常見服務器網卡丟包現象排查思路,其中 x 是對應網卡的編號,如eth0,如果你是想了解點對點的丟包
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ethtool 常用命令如下,速度,雙工和區域網
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ethtool development

All new features must be documented in the manual page (, and usually in the help text for the relevant option(s). Coding style Coding style is broadly similar to the kernel. You can use scripts/ from the kernel to find style errors
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Ethtool FEC support is only available in kernel 4.14 and newer or RHEL/Centos 7.5 and equivalent distributions. The Netronome upstream kernel driver provides ethtool FEC support from kernel 4.15. Furthermore, the SmartNIC NVRAM version must be at least
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Basic Networking
In Ethtool Options, you can set ethtool options used by ifup for the interface. For information about available options, see the ethtool manual page. If the option string starts with a – (for example, -K INTERFACE_NAME rx on ), the second word in the string is replaced with the current interface name.
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IOCTL(2) Linux Programmer’s Manual IOCTL(2) NAME top ioctl – control device SYNOPSIS top #include int ioctl(int fd, unsigned long request, ); DESCRIPTION top The ioctl() system call manipulates the underlying device parameters of special files.
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How to Set Ethernet Speed/Duplex Mode in Linux

 · Ethtool is a very useful linux utility to set speed, change to duplex on your ethernet card. Its is also used to display and change ethernet card settings. By default, NICs used in Linux negotiate their speed and duplex with the switch through the exchange of Fast Link
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In order to run this software, you need Linux kernel version 3.0 or newer. Check whether your network interface supports PTP with the following command. ethtool -T eth0 This command shows whether a MAC supports hardware or software time stamping. The
,eth1等等 ethtool –h //顯示ethtool的命令幫助(help) ethto
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Install ethtool in Fedora, CentOS, RHEL etc.: # yum install ethtool Install ethtool in Ubuntu, Debian etc.: # sudo apt-get install ethtool 2. Get the Speed, Duplex and other information for the interface eth0 To get speed, duplex and other information for the network
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NAME ethtool – Display or change ethernet card settings SYNOPSIS ethtool ethX ethtool -h ethtool -a ethX ethtool -A ethX [autoneg on|off] [rx on|off] [tx on|off] ethtool -c ethX ethtool -C ethX [adaptive-rx on|off] [adaptive-tx on|off] [rx-usecs N] [rx-frames N] [rx-usecs-irq N] [rx-frames-irq N] [tx-usecs N] [tx-frames N] [tx-usecs-irq N] [tx-frames-irq N] [stats-block-usecs N] [pkt-rate-low
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ethtool • man page

(The comments found at the beginning of the groff file “man8/ethtool.8”.) NAME ethtool – query or control network driver and hardware settings SYNOPSIS ethtool devname ethtool -h|–help ethtool –version ethtool -a|–show-pause devname ethtool -A|–pause
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ethtool is the standard Linux utility for controlling network drivers and hardware, particularly for wired Ethernet devices. See the manual page for full information. Bugs Bug reports should be sent to the maintainer, Ben Hutchings , and to the.
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ethtool is used for querying settings of an ethernet device and changing them. ethX is the name of the ethernet device on which ethtool should operate. OPTIONS ethtool with a single argument specifying the device name prints current settings of the specified Tag
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ethtool原理介紹和解決網卡丟包排查思路 前言 之前記錄過處理因為LVS網卡流量負載過高導致軟中斷發生丟包的問題,比如對eth0的操作,RPS和RFS網卡多隊列性能調優實踐, ethtool eth0 //查詢ethx網口基本設置,TSO は有効となっています。 # sysctl net.inet.tcp.tso net.inet.tcp.tso: 1 sysctlコマンドでTSOを無効にします。 # sysctl net.inet.tcp.tso=0 net.inet.tcp.tso: 1 -> 0
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Most features are dependent on support in the specific driver. See the manual page for full information. ethtool 用於檢視和修改網路裝置(尤其是有線乙太網裝置)的驅動引數和硬體設定。你可以根據需要更改乙太網卡的引數,sysctlコマンドでカーネルパラメータを確認します。出力が “1” であれば